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Brooke's Essential

Brooke's Essential Breezy Fresh Intimate Wipes

Brooke's Essential Breezy Fresh Intimate Wipes

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Our product is developed with the international advanced popular natural mineral "Silver Ion" sterilization technology. Our mild formulation infused on soft wipes, contains no chemical composition or fragrance, and is mild in nature. Gentle enough to use on all personal areas helping to reduce odor, eliminate pruritus caused by vulvitis, abnormal vaginal discharge, and other symptoms of discomfort. 

Eases vaginal odor leaving you feeling refreshed. Can be used during your period, after exercising, before and after sexual intercourse. Allows you to conveniently freshen up in between trips to the bathroom and while running around town. Our wipes will be your new solution for quick cleansing on the go keeping you fresh and clean.

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